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January 29, 2013

A flying 'Morrie' and a 'dropped' Ford

I seem to be going through a pale blue car phase this month having stumbled across these 2 beauties. This '35 Ford V8 Coupe was spotted in the parking garage at work. It's not until I started to draw it that I realised how voluptuous the form actually is. This one's been 'dropped' radically, they sat way higher originally, and features some nice retro wire wheels to set it off.

Another old pale blue car, this time a 50's Morris Minor 1000, looked like a rusty retro spaceship viewed up on the hoist without wheels like this. Spotted at a local workshop when my car was in for a Warrant of Fitness.

The American Fords were a mainstay on our roads prewar and the English Morris and Austins were their equivalent postwar. The 'Morrie' as they're called here is an Alec Issigonis classic (nicer than the VW Beetle I reckon), though he's more famous for his design of the original Mini.


memi said...

Love them, Murray!

memi said...
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Murray Dewhurst said...

Thanks Melanie!

Stephen Gardner said...

Murray these are brilliant, This is my kind of subject matter, wow you nailed these.

matthew_c said...

Love the car sketches Murray!
The old cars had so much more personality.

Murray Dewhurst said...

Cheers Stephen and Matthew, I appreciate your comments!