January 21, 2013

38th Worldwide SketchCrawl - Sheffield

We had a great day on Saturday. It had snowed overnight, so I had to walk all the way into the city centre in my hiking boots and didn't expect to have much of a turn-out, but instead we had the highest head-count for a while: 22 people, 2 who had risked the train from other cities and 3 first-timers, which was fantastic!

We started by pretty much taking over the top floor of Cafe Nero. There were great views out of a sheet glass window, but I felt more in the mood for drawing my fellow sketchers. This is Harry:

He and his older, teenage brother (both below) come to every event I arrange and are both very promising sketchers indeed. The little lad in this photo came with his mum and even he brought a sketchbook and drew quietly the whole day.

We drank coffee all morning and huddled together in the warm. Very nice.

Next we moved into the Millennium Galleries complex to sketch. I discovered an excellent landscape painting exhibition so took a break and had a quick look round that before it was time to go for our sketch-lunch at the Frog and Parrot pub up the road. 

I reserved us 2 long tables. We took nearly 3 hours over it, sketching and eating and sketching and drinking and sketching and chatting. Fantastic. The waitress was very patient with us! 

When we were done, we passed round a plate and people put in the right money for what they had each eaten. Miraculously, when we counted it up to pay the bill, it worked out perfectly - we sketchers are an honest bunch!!

We finished the day with some final sketching and the book-sharing at another cafe/bar, where I ordered yet more coffee and some cake for my pudding. I got so caught up with this painting though, I completely forgot about it and, by the time I remembered, my coffee was stone cold. Ah well: we have to suffer for our art.

A lovely day with lovely people. Again. What a good idea SketchCrawling was - thank you Enrico!


Richard Clare said...

Looks like you had a great time in Sheffield. How often do you meet? I am originally from Sheffield but now live in Italy. I come back several times a year so if one of your sketchcrawls coincides with a trip back to Sheffield would like to sketch with you all. I have been doing a daily sketch for 6 months and have discovered a massive worldwide sketching community... sketching is alive and well!
Richard Clare www.richardclare.com

Lynne the Pencil said...

Hi Richard. We go out once a month. It would be good fun to have you along with us if you were back in Sheffield. Best way would be to either join our Sketchcrawl North Facebook group, where we post, or if you are not a Facebook person, drop me an email and I'll pop you on the e-newsletter list (which is basically me sending out all future dates and details every so often). Which bit of Italy are you? Hot or cold??