January 22, 2013

38th Worldwide Sketchcrawl: Los Angeles

For 37th Worldwide Sketchcrawl, the Los Angeles group took advantage of sunny weather to walk between several buildings in historical core of downtown Los Angeles. Some of us, like my fellow correspondent Virginia, also went to nearby Pershing Square to sketch ice skaters, too - seeing an outdoor ice skating rink is a novelty for us, especially on a bright and warm 75 F/24 C day!

I stayed back at Biltmore Hotel to practice drawing some architectural elements. Here is a page of sketches the sweeps of brownish color are "free-form" accidents from spilled paint.

The group moved onto Grand Central Market for lunch and outdoor sketching. Some of us went to Central Library for a little more sketching. The sketchbook page below combines the two locations. I enjoyed drawing more architectural details and seeing a park and lush greenery next to highrises.


VHein said...

These are beautiful jewels, Shiho. I love all the architectural elements, those wonderful steps across from the library, and the way you composed that view of Angel's Flight! Thank you again for organizing such a great day.

matthew_c said...

Yes these are jewels! Love the light and luminosity, as well as the architectural details.