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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sun in Manchester, UK!

Manchester, in the North-West of England, is renowned for rain, but at the last gathering of the Urban Sketching Group, it's a mild and sunny afternoon..
We meet inside the Exchange- its the old Corn Exchange building transformed into a theatre.
We can't stay and sketch inside here today as there's a performance on, and, anyway, it's far to nice  not to take advantage.

Outside, in St.Anne's Square, they're setting up fake Hansel-and-Gretalesque cabins for the Christmas Market and there are a few stone benches to sit on for those who don't fear piles.

I settle down to sketch.. two German ladies are surrounded by heaps of boxes, they're arranging it with decorative wooden hangy-things and as time and I draw on, their stall fills up with goods and the lights in the cabin come on.
When I count up after, we sketchers number around nineteen- such a good turn-out! We lay our sketchbooks at the foot of the War Memorial- there's a lovely diversity of styles and subject matter. Well done to all, and especially to Simone for starting the group!


Caroline Johnson, Manchester and Rennes.


Ashish Tomer said...

please post a video of your work while you are sketching while you're sketching outdoors. I want to see how do you carry your colors, sketchbook, pen and how do you sketch.

Caroline said...

I'll try and do that, Ashish, but you'll have to be patient!

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