December 5, 2012

San Francisco

Recently I had to go to San Francisco for work. I love that crazy city, plus I have some friends who live there. I haven't been back for 15 years. It's a wacky place, in a good way. The presidential election was going on while I was there. I stayed in a few hotels while I was there, which is a whole other story. One of them was the Sir Francis Drake, which has a huge statue of him in the lobby. I think it's made of red plexiglass. It's pretty cool so I drew it. The bathroom in the hotel room was so small, I couldn't open the door all the way to get in and I'm super skinny. I don't know how regular folks get into the bathroom. I hung with the locals and realized it's one of my favorite cities.


henghua said...

Love your work! Are you going to meet up with sketchers in SF or maybe you are already back to east coast. Have you had a chance to draw the mission church in SF? I would love to see you draw western god or prophet since I am a big fan of your buddha drawings. :)

kane said...

I'm out of Frisco. Would have loved to draw in the mission but didn't have time.

Laureline said...

Your stories are as great as your sketches. There's a statue of Sir Walter Raleigh in... Raleigh, of all places... that is on my to do list to sketch. It can bookend your Sir Francis ;D.