December 2, 2012

If it's autumn, it must be Andalucía.

Jerea de la Frontera is truly a cradle of flamenco. This café is right on the Plaza Santiago, one of two major flamenco neighborhoods. It's owned by the phenomenal Juana la del Pipa, famous singer and dancer from one of Jerez's most important flamenco families. The apartment we rent every autumn in Jerez is right around the corner from Juana's. Here's our start of the day: in between coffee and fino.

It's not a very long commute as we switch locations from Jerez to Cádiz (only 40 min. or so on the wonderful near-distance train), but it's a different world: from Jerez tranquility to the port city of Cádiz, where you can almost sense the footsteps of Goya, centuries ago. The transition is sleepy, as it should be.
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kumi matsukawa said...

So inviting café; the train ride looks so different from the ones done in metro. Love both soft tone of colors and mood.

Paul Kirchner said...

Your posts always makes me wish I was back in Andalucía.

Sharon Frost said...

Thanks Kumi and Paul! It's always easier to leave Andalucía when you have plans for returning -- which we do!