December 7, 2012


Ginza showa street

A quick sketch done against the light on Showa street, Ginza. Ginza is one of my most favorite cites in Tokyo. Just walking this town makes me feel a bit special. Unlike too bustling, young people oriented cities, Ginza has much adult and laid back ambience.

Nakagin Capsule tower

This is Nakagin Capsule Tower.You can see this unique building, a masterpiece of architect Kisho Kurokawa, within ten minutes walk from the center of Ginza.


memi said...

Powerful and beautiful painting, Kumi!

matthew_c said...

Fantastic colours in your Ginza painting!
I've often heard of "ginza" but don't know what it means. I think Vancouver has a street full of Japanese stores called "little ginza".

kumi matsukawa said...

Thanks Melanie and Matthew.

Ginza is one of the most famous area in Tokyo. It is the prominent and grand shopping area with its tradition and innovation coexist and the mane Ginza itself evolves as a kind of brand. The town is as fashionable and admired as Les Champs-Élysées in Paris ( IMO) so that many small shopping streets anywhere in Japan also enjoy adding the mane“ ginza” to their streets :-)

I'd love to see little ginza in Vancouver, too.

kumi matsukawa said...

Ah, again, I made spelling mistakes.. I wanted to say “the name Ginza”

matthew_c said...

Thanks Kumi, I looked at the link.

omar said...

your watercolor is fantastic!

kumi matsukawa said...

You are welcome, Matthew.

Thanks, Omar!