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December 2, 2012

Forget the Eiffel Tower

From all the places I wanted to visit in Paris, the number one was Cafe Le Select. Rick Tulka has been drawing scenes from that Cafe for many years. His drawings are fantastic character studies. Through  his drawing this place had to me  a mythical aura. I have to go there to see it by myself.. and wow I even recognized some of the people!

I had not time to contact Rick, so I didn't found him there. Well the guy doesn't live there, although the amount of drawings gave the wrong impression.  He wrote me later that he usually is in the afternoon there. I hope next time in Paris I will be able to meet him. So here is my drawing.

Cafe Select
Here is a Sketch of the Paris Metro.
Metro Paris
I also met some Paris sketchers. We had lunch together and later we went to the Pont de Neuf to sketch.
Pont de Neuf
Second on my list was the art supply store Sennelier.  The Store founded in 1887 was the place where Cezanne and Picasso used to buy their materials. Of course I had to be something..just a Pentel brush pen.. .but I hope next time I had more money to buy some of their famous watercolors..
Senelier Paris
I spent only a day in Paris, not much time to see anything, I have to come back again.


Luc said...

Great the Pont de Neuf sketch, I like a lot the way you gives it volume just using dark tone for the void ...
Just one more note. price for the pentel brush (if it's the one on the receipt) it's quite a stolen !!! here I pay for it about 12.00 € ...

omar said...

Luc, I know!

VHein said...

Omar, like you I'm a big admirer of Rick's, so it's great to see your sketches of Le Select, but hope you'll get to meet him next time! Lovely sketches.

Paul Bedell said...

Nice work, Omar.

Have you done any sketches of the Eiffel Tower? My website revolves around the Eiffel Tower and our jewelry business.

Thanks. Paul Michael
Founder of

omar said...

Hi Paul, actually I did not.But if you are interesting in Eiffel tower Building you have to see the wonderfull drawing Inma Serrano did. It is one of the most amazing drawings I had seen.Here is a link:
Enjoy it!

jd said...

I love the Pont Neuf watercolor too! The yellow sky looks like it's floating down, somewhat like the aurora borealis! And then the sheen on the water that you left untouched works so well, especially with the dark under-the-bridge accents. Yellows, pinks, grey and brown -- unusual and wonderful color combination !

Isabel Carmona said...

I love the sketches, subtle, concise and with white space :))

sanjeev joshi said...

superb sketches...loved the empty spaces used in composition..

omar said...

Thankd jd! Thanks Isabel, tanks Sanjeev!