December 6, 2012

Dragon Kiln

121202_thowkwang 121130_sketching 2

On Friday, 23 Nov 2012, the dragon kiln is roaring again with fire. Resident potter, Steven Low was firing his big sculpture pieces to be installed at the near-by Clean Tech Park sculpture park. As like before, we had BBQ at night and before the sky turned dark, I did a sketch. I did the colouring on Sunday when I went back there again for our usual first Sunday of the month breakfast gathering. This is one of the two surviving wood kilns in Singapore and both kilns are in danger of disappearing in a few years time when the Clean Tech Park encroaches into the compound. It used to called Pottery Jungle but the trees and the pond are already gone in the name of modernization. Click to view larger image.

Size : 240 x 680mm
Medium : ink and watercolours


kane said...

very beautiful.

Asnee said...

simply wonderful, tia. you captured the artistic atmosphere of the place so well...
love the island of pots:-)