December 3, 2012

Christmas Market

 The Christmas Markets are already in full swing here. In a week or two, once the schools close down, the big exodus to the coast starts and Joburg empties out. This was the big Parkview Market held this weekend, which many charities depend upon for funds. Unfortunately the weather turned from hot and clear to cold and wet, so I don't think they did as well as usual. But Father Christmas still arrived (a blue one in the corporate colours of his sponsor!) and the music and dancing was great.


kumi matsukawa said...

These have exhilarating festive feel! It makes sense that he wear corporate color.( I've heard that the saint started to wear red since he was depicted in a advertisement for Coke. )

matthew_c said...

Nice sketches.
Isn't Father Christmas supposed to be up at the north pole supervising his workshop of elves? He hasn't got much longer to meet that critical deadline.