December 14, 2012

Chemical plant in Geleen

Tebodin office Geleen
This is the view from the printer room on the second floor of my office in Geleen, the Netherlands.
I work as an architect for an engineering firm specialised in factory design, and my present office is located in the middle of a chemical plant. We like to be near our clients.
I drew this view during lunchhour, but as I was drawing it in front of the window of the printerroom (it was drizzling outside) colleagues would drop in all the time to pick up prints and plots, and chat me up. Always nice, but it does not help finishing a piece. So I had to finish this scene at home.


Mari Carmen Ruiz Enriquez said...

A beautiful drawing!

Mari Carmen Ruiz Enriquez said...

A beautiful drawing!

3eCheval said...

I love the monochromatic quality of the drawing, and the textures. Love that the adjoining buildings are framing it too.

Michael said...

This is very different from your other sketches, Rene. Your style remains the same but the subject has changed. Its a good composition.
I wonder if you did it with your new Ahab flex pen?

VHein said...

Great drawing, Rene--making this gritty industrial subject elegantly beautiful!

Rene Fijten said...

Thanks Mari Carmen and thirdcheval.
No I recieve the new Ahab pen the day I made this, I still have to try it out before I am gonna use it.
Thanks Virginia, there is beauty everywhere, sometimes you have to try harder to see it.