November 19, 2012

London, Ireland

Yun and I once again traveled to Ireland. Another one of my cousin's was getting married. We stayed at my cousin Miriam's house with her husband Alan and beautiful daughter, Isabella (who was the stars of one of my other videos). We had a blast. I was able to condense the 4 days down into 2 minutes. It's a great video if I must say so myself. After Ireland, we were stuck in London for 5 days because of the storm in New York. We missed the whole storm thing. o got to draw a few things in ondon. Tea at the Wolseley being one of them.


Dailysketches said...

Luvley! Luved the video and the tea sketch! Congrats to the luvley couple.I promise not to say bloody luvley again!

kane said...

Luvley is right.

ceparie said...

Hope that little white kitten is ok--so cute/so funny. Never been anywhere but Ireland looks real nice and I have always liked the music. You were right, it was a great video.