November 21, 2012

"XIIIº rendez-vous du carnet de voyage"

last week end was the "XIIIº rendez-vous du carnet de voyage" in clermont-ferrand, france, where many urban sketchers were invited between 120 sketchers to present their sketchbooks, to dedicate books or to portrait the visitors: omar jaramillo, miguel herranz, swasky, inma serrano, luis ruiz, alvaro carnicero, joao catarino, gérard michel… and many local correspondants from the spanish, french, belgium or italian's blog.
the french newspaper "la montagne" published one week before the festival a paper about usk, here it is: XIIIº rendez-vous du carnet de voyage
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gabi campanario said...

Go Urban Sketchers! Merci Lapin for posting this!

TIA said...

Hello Lapin, long time no see. Although I don't understand the language, your sketches are instantly recognised. Congrats!