November 26, 2012

WST Finland

Today I share my trip in Finland and how extremely nice it was. Im still in love with that country because of the people. They are so friendly and super cool. Besides that, they have raiders everywhere, kilometers and kilometers of forest. It was a really amazing country that i discovery in the summer season july and august. I Did found some sketchers and they probably are now looking into this page after that. For all and for the people I found in the streets, I send here a big hug and maybe we see each other again somewhere in world!



This draw from Tampere, took me around 2 hours to sketch with a small stop of 20 minutes because it started rain. In that time I was showing to the kids my sketchbook :)


Here in Kuka café in Turku with my best friends from Finland! I was the only one was not drinking and, as usual, just sketching. I miss you guys!



Leave room for white space… I did because the people were in front of me and they didn't look nice to be in the sketch and they didn't stay still :D …so yeah! White space !!


Vaasa 8:00 in the morning and I couldn't sleep, get up from my bed and went to this marina to sketch it, was a precious moment. The second boat left before i finished him… its always like that when I start it goes away! Then I went to the beach:


…if you still want to see more about it just follow my web site World Sketching Tour.


Corrie said...

love this

Teri Casper said...

Love your sketches. Your enthusiasm for the area is reflected in these beauties.

Urusai said...

love it!!

Eduardo Salavisa said...

Olá Luís. Grandes desenhos e grandes experiências. Força!

Isabel said...

gostei de ver, lindos desenhos