November 30, 2012


I visited Singapore recently and was made so..o.o...very, very happy there by the so..o..oo warm and friendly and enthusiastic hospitality of many, many new and old friends. Thank you so much to my former Rotarian fellows, especially Pok Zin, Avery and family where I stayed for a few nights and many members of USk-Singapore. Tia, in particular, gave many of us a great lunch, thanks a lot again here. Mr. Chan, Alvin, Don and Whee Teck spent a lot of time bringing me around and talk with me on some very interesting where should I stop?!?

It was Edric who gave me a piece of Singapore's love-hate parking coupon used to display in vehicle while parking in all of URA's parking lots.Singapore use this self-monitor ticketing system for parking facility instead of coin and metering machine as in many countries. One would purchase the whole book of this coupon, in various nomination just like a bank note for parking purpose. The coupon is a simple piece of paper about 3x6", printed with date, hours and minute on pre-punched rows and columns of round tabs. One would tear away some relevant tabs to show time of parking and place them prominently on dash board for easy (random) checking of some full-time parking attendant.

These coupons are discarded after used as trash and some smart guys like Edric use the back of the coupon for his delicious sketches. The results are more than just good taste, I think. The off white color paper takes both ink and watercolor bravely but it's those unused pre-punched hole markings that bring the sketches to another side of the sketching experience!

 Keong Seak Street near Chinatown with a monster block of super highrise public housing at the other end : Singapore geared up for Christmas at Orchard/Scott Road junction : A diner at breakfast in the Tanglin Club.
A lady friend sketching at Blair Road : A man with tattoo and his on-line card game at waiting area at CPF building : Flower seller lady at front of the Temple of Goddess of Mercy, Middle Road.


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nice! love the drills texture on the paper

TIA said...

great post! you made Singapore so lively and energetic through your creations!

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