November 18, 2012

Spring in Auckland

I was hoping to post some warm, bright spring sketches from the southern hemisphere in response to recent autumn sketch posts. Sadly though spring in Auckland is a precarious beast, both warm and cold, windy and wet, and often all more than once in the same day.

I've been sketching yachts being repaired up on the hard. Auckland's yards and marinas are a hive of activity at this time of year with hulls being scraped down and fresh anti-fouling slapped on in preparation for the summer season. Owners are flat out sanding and painting.

Some yacht owners obviously have a lot more to do than others!

And a visit to this years Sculpture Onshore exhibit, an outdoor show perched on a cliff with a view over the Hauraki Gulf. I captured Richard Wedekind's sculpture 'Buoys - straining against the tide' standing guard while a couple of Americas Cup yachts sail by.

And finally an aborted BBQ sketch. No one likes a soggy snarler so when the first barbie of the season was abandoned in order to save the dinner I turned back to find the colour rinsing of my page in the rain!


Richard Sheppard said...

Awesome work Murray! Hope it the weather improves soon!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Thanks Richard, me too, looking forward to a more settled summer.

gabi campanario said...

Fabulous boat scene! Great sense of place.

Rolf Schröter said...

especially love the boats too.

your sky seems to have similar colors to ours, at the moment

Dave Worfel said...

Love your sketches from the marina. I live in Michigan and sail the Great Lakes. We put our 30 footer up on its cradle a couple of months ago for the winter.

Murray Dewhurst said...

Thanks Rolf, grey in Berlin too eh. Thanks Dave. I look forward to seeing more of your yacht sketches on USk Midwest!