November 16, 2012

sketching the portland urban sketchers

sketching with the pdx urban sketchers
A few weeks ago when I was visiting Portland I spent a rainy Saturday sketching alongside the Portland Urban Sketchers. We didn't get outside much, but sketched each other in a couple of indoor locations, Floyd's Coffee and Old Town Pizza. It was my first trip back to Portland since the 2010 Symposium so it was nice to meet up with many familiar faces, who made me feel very welcome, and to meet and discover several new amazing sketchers. I talk a lot when I meet other sketchers, so don't manage to sketch quite as much as when my mouth is closed, but I still managed to get a fair bit of sketching in.  
PDX Floyds
I didn't manage to sketch everybody (though Linda and Greg I did manage to sketch last year if that counts). I am trying to draw more people and sketching with other sketchers is an opportunity to do so without worrying, but still! Practice practice. We did talk about that, the worry that when you sketch people quickly it just won't look right, but something someone in Portland said stuck with me: if somebody says, "it doesn't look like me," you just say, "oh, it will!" By that, it means that what you draw 'becomes' the reality in your head, that's how you saw them, and that's how they might look when you remember them. I actually said that to someone, a meat rancher, who I was sketching a week later too. He had no idea what I was on about. "No it won't," he muttered (before promising to convert me to being a red-meat-eater, but that is another story).  
PDX Urban Sketchers
Here are those who made it to the end (except for Marco, who took this photo). You can probably guess which one I am.
Portland Urban Sketchers (with me)
Portland sketchbooks 
I did get some rain sketching done though, en route between locations. I stopped under some shelter and drew the Skidmore Fountain, which I previously drew in Frank Ching's workshop in 2010. This took me a little less time, a little more confident I am now. I tell you what, I like Portland, and its rain, and its beer, and its food carts, and its bridges. I really like its urban sketchers too. Check them out at: Portland Urban Sketchers.
PDX rainy skidmore 


Vicky said...

We like you, too, Pete! Come back and draw with us any time. Better yet, move north.
Great drawings. I especially like the one where Alanna is looking directly at the viewer.

Dailysketches said...

Pete,please move your lovely family
to Stumptown! We enjoyed your visit.
However,you gave Vicky too big a nose and made her look grumpy,which I can tell you,she never is!
Yes,you did a great job on Alanna.

kumi matsukawa said...

Lovely intimate ambience! How nice to have sketch reunion!

petescully said...

Yes, it doesn't look much like Vicky, or anyone else for that. But they're all mid-sketch looks! I had to do a better job on Alanna this time, because I sketched her in Lisbon and made her look way too old. Still practisin'...