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November 9, 2012

Seraie "Golshan"

Saraie Golshan1

Saraie "Golshan" is a very beautiful caravanserai in Isfahan bazaar with wonderful aspects.
      Sketch with graphite

Saraie Golshan 

Saraie Golshan2

Two porters are resting on their vehicle
Sketch with conte

Bazaar / Daily life

Bazaar / Daily life
Sketch with graphite and pencil

Regards, Behzad


José Louro said...

Drawing for real. Like it.

Behzad Bagheri said...

Thank you very much Jose!

VHein said...

Always such a pleasure to see your atmospheric sketches, a wonderful window for us!

Behzad Bagheri said...

Thank you very much Virginia. Always nice to hear from you!