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November 29, 2012

Primary colors

I went to a hot spring spa called “Ashigara no onsen” in Kanagawa prefecture. It is in the mountain, there are beautiful woods and a stream there in the garden. So before I entered the bathhouse and soak myself in the lovely warm water, I made quick sketches using primary colors only.I rushed like when I draw food. So as you can see, my drawings become more like suggestion than depiction. I like using limited colors and to create different shade of colors by mixing them. That way, I think, give unity in the picture.

A garden view: slanting rays of light is going through autumn foliage.

A garden view of Ashigara hot spring

a stream

A stream

A stream


Alex Ferree said...

Sometimes expression is all you need. It creates a fun journey for the eye to follow in the piece.

crystolyn said...

these are lovely, especially the first one

Vicky said...

Kumi, I love how you have shown the light in the beautiful fall colors. Your sketches have such movement and life in them and they capture the beauty of the season.

kumi matsukawa said...

Thank you, Alex, crystolyn , and Vicky for your lovely feedback!

Sharon Frost said...

These really catch the light! Lovely play of light and shadow.

Teresa Giménez Pous said...


kumi matsukawa said...

Thanks for your kind words, Sharon and Teresa!