November 15, 2012

Finding indoor drawing spots in Montreal

I had some downtime while attending the Montreal International Game show at the Bonaventure Hotel. The office tower nest door has helpfully lined up their lobby with the central dome of the Marie Rienne du Monde Cathedral. There's a six story atrium created so the windows can offer a perfectly framed view of the copper dome.

The security guard came by and checked what I was drawing. He said if I'd been sketching the lobby interior he would have had to throw me out, but the cathedral alone was fair game. Very strange. So if you're sketching around downtown Montreal, make sure to only sketch beautiful old churches, never never draw glass windows or shiny chrome escalators.

This is done with water and Lamy pens again. My current favorite 'take anywhere' kit. The color is an interesting artifact of the scanner on my cheap Cannon five-in-one office printer. Everything useful in the studio is packed for a move, so I used this silly thing. It introduced these weird color shifts into the scan, which I chose to ramp up in Photoshop:)  Neat hey?


miked said...

This article cracked me up!
It reminded me of a time when being harassed by security guards when I was sketching inside a hotel lobby with glass and shiny escalators!

I've only used 'permanent' ink for a while but your sketches makes me want to start using non permanent ink again!

Don Low said...

This is on fire!!

Lois said...

Very nice sketch.

Lichia Liu said...

very nice sketch! Lamy ink + water has also been one of my favorite combinations lately -- the unpredictability is so delightful.

Flaf said...

haha, stupid guards, or stupid people who tell the guards to be like that.

Marcia Milner-Brage said...

I like how you discuss how the scanning process changes/evolves the image. Framed on the wall is one thing, scanned on the screen another. Different art forms, using the same "raw" material--a drawing.