November 1, 2012

John Poole is Brilliant!

Genius tip from artist John Poole:
This is today's sketch. Sunny and partly cloudy, cool at about 11c. Had to dry it half way thru in local restaurant/pub toilet on hand dryer. Waitress was interested in sketch as it included pub. I returned 20 mins later for another bast of hot air and was ejected by the owner. I showed him sketch and he was unimpressed and grudgingly let me dry it. I shook his hand and smiled. Greek I think so probably upset about the euro! Not my fault.
That's a genius idea! SO many times in chilly weather, I've wished for a hair dryer. Now I just need to spot a nearby restaurant.

Here's one of John's sketches:


matthew_c said...

Great sketch!

Carmela said...

Thanks for sharing Marc and introducing us to this painter--beautiful economy and surety of brush stokes

Isabel said...

love this work thanks for sharing Marc