November 4, 2012

HurriKane Sandy

My wife and I had to go to my cousin's wedding in Ireland. We had round trip tickets to London that we hadn't used, so we flew to Ireland through Heathrow, which is a nightmare for anyone who has ever switched planes there, knows. It takes over an hour an a half to get to your next plane, but that's another story. The wedding was lovely. We were returning to New York on Sunday. When we got to Heathrow, Yun got a text from American Airlines saying all flights to New York were cancelled due to the pending storm. We looked at the board but it didn't say anything yet. Yun and I knew it was true though. We ran to the ticket counter and they told us it was very true. So we booked a flight later in the week to Manhattan. We only had carry on luggage so we didn't have to wait to get our bags back, which would have been a horror show. After we were done, it got posted that everything was cancelled. Suddenly people were coming from every direction in a panic. We walked out calmly and headed for London. We stayed with friends and were able to have a nice little extended holiday. Thankfully we missed the whole storm. I enclosed a photo of 3 of the kittens that I write about in my drawing.

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Veronica Lawlor said...

Glad you missed the storm and made it back safely.