November 11, 2012

Hard and extreme

Perhaps some of you will know by Gabi about this place in the west of Spain called Extremadura.
The name Extremadura is composed of two words meaning: hard and extreme... Clearly express the difficulty of life here.

A sometimes forgotten place (outside tourist- tours) that has hidden treasures that make it special and unique as the main square in Trujillo, Cáceres.

(To see full image put your mouse over the picture and move it left and right)

Or the city of Merida, an archaeological World Heritage Site.
Sketching in the Roman theater, as I did last weekend, was really a magical moment, like sketching in heaven.

Mérida, Teatro romano


marctaro said...

This roman theater! that is amazing what humans used to make. We need to make more of this kind of thing, instead of more or whatever mankind is doing now with it's energy :)

Veronica Lawlor said...

Inma, love the drawings, always! But how did you do that moving panoramic embedded in the blog???

Shari Blaukopf said...

Yes, I love the panorama and want to know also! Great place that you have shown us and wonderful sketches of it too.

Liz Steel said...

Ah! I have to comment everytime I see these sketches... I have been to Merida too...but love Trujillo and just adore your sketches...
and yes, please share your panorama trick!


Thanks ;D
The website i used to make this presentation is this:
It's simple, just upload a photo and choose what kind of panorama you prefer. When you finish you´ll have available the code to insert into the blog.
Nothing difficult, I could do it well!

VHein said...

Inma, these are wonderful sketches of what look like really fascinating places. Thanks too for sharing this magical way to show a sketchbook double spread!