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November 5, 2012

Halloween SketchCrawl

SketchCrawl North has been active for 2 years now, going out at least once a month, all over our region. So we decided to celebrate with a party and, since it was Halloween last week, we made it a fancy-dress event.

Of course, as we are all sketchers, we couldn't just have a party, it had to be a sketch-party! Just like with our Mad Hatters Tea Party, we all brought food and set up a lovely, spooky spread to draw. I decided to draw my fellow sketchers though:

Unfortunately, the slight snag with being the host is that you end up spending most of your sketching time answering the door to late-comers, fetching drinks, chairs etc, so I didn't get as much drawing done as I would have liked, but it was a lovely evening.

After we'd been drawing for an hour or so, we allowed ourselves to tuck into the food. One of our number had made pumpkin soup to kick us off (though it was my green jelly with a big, black spider in, which the kids were desperate to scoff!):

Our next event is in Hull on Saturday November 17th if anyone would like to join us. If you are in the north of England and want to join the group, email me.


Flo said...

Delighful and original idea !

kumi matsukawa said...

You look fabulous, Lynne! Sketch or treat? You must have been a great host.

Dailysketches said...

I love Halloween! Next year I may have to organize a sketch party like yours here in Portland.It looked like so much fun.

matthew_c said...

When my family lived in England (1975/76 I think), there was no Halloween. Has the UK taken up this celebration?
They did have Guy Faulks day, kind of similar...

Veronica Lawlor said...

You all really know how to do it up well! Lovely drawings too. :)