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November 1, 2012

Halloween Parade

Yesterday was such a fun halloween parade at my kids school here in California. and I couldn't help thinking of all the little kids on the East Coast that would have been sad to miss a great day of trick or treating. I know there are far worse losses than an evening of scares, costumes and candy, but Halloween is just so exciting for kids.
This is an Elementary School Parade. No weapons, no super-gory stuff. There were the usual suspects: witches, fairies, superheroes and aliens. This year I spotted a lot of costumes that looked like pixel-drawings. Maybe there's trend I don't know about? And loads of zombies. Some Star Trek costumes. And what looked like a grumpy pumpkin but turned out to be 'Annoying Orange'. Ever heard of him?
Halloween Parade. Los Alamitos Elementary School. 2012


catalina rigo said...

This drawing reflects the happinnes and sweetness of infance, I love it!

SebG said...

The pixel trend is perhaps the Minecraft creeper?
A lively sketch, well done :)

Kristin L said...

I can confirm SebG's observation. The pixelated characters are from a game called Minecraft. My son was a Creeper -- which looked just like your drawing. I like how you've captured teh gesture of each costume without getting bogged down in too much detail. Fun exercise.

Marina Grechanik said...

so cool! you've got the atmosphere!

Suhita said...

Thanks for enlightening me on the 'pixel' thing: and I thought it was so retro that these little kids were doing the old-style 8-bit graphics thing :)

VHein said...

Delightful drawing, Suhita...what a joyous parade!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Fantastically captured and great fun - well done!