November 11, 2012

Gaudí (& al. unfortunately)

The last day in August (CK again??)Víctor is drawing every Gaudí of Barcelona for a book. His plan for today is the Finca Miralles Fence so I go drawing with him. It's 4 in the afternoon, the sun is still high and casts long and quite ugly shadows, so I invent some others that probably do not exist but help explain the fanciful construction shapes.
Just as sometimes I leave out lampposts or litter bins if I think they don't matter with the drawing, I doubt whether to include or not the sculpture of Gaudí some brilliant mind decided to place standing on the way (things made to Gaudí are sometimes a joke). There's some website that literally says "... in 1999 the ensemble was completed with a sculpture ...". So it goes. I'm so speechless about that I decide to draw it as a kind of testimony. The sculpture itself is just a question of taste, nothing to say (absolutely nothing), but I have no words to express in a politically correct way what I think about its presence in the center of the stage.

The drawing Víctor made can be seen here.

Portal MIralles


Marine said...

great style !! I like the difference between the foreground and the background.

Bajzek said...

Belo desenho!

Miguel Herranz said...

Thank you, Marine! Obrigado, Eduardo!