November 4, 2012

Coffee/tea time sketches

There are always several reasons and chances to have coffee or tea.

I visited my friend's exhibition held at a café.
café mocha

I had sketch session and this was my first destination of the day.

This time I simply met with my friend and had some talk over the coffee.
coffee and cake

I visited another friend's exhibition held at another café.
at a café Umenoki

I went to a hot spring to heal my stiff shoulder. Then I visited this restaurant, to rest, to have a nice view and to sketch.
at Zinya


Matthias Talmeier - Art Journaling said...

Wonderful! I like your spontaneous and "alive" sketches!:-)

VHein said...

So lovely, Kumi--wonderful atmosphere throughout!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Beautiful. I love the colours in the top one especially.

kumi matsukawa said...

Thank you, Matthi, Virginia, and Lynne!