November 26, 2012

Cars show

Yesterday I went to a antique car show here in Sao Paulo. I love to see the beauties from the past and sketch them is just a consequence.
I tried different approaches this time:
  • Fast linear sketches from a closer point of view, which I found very hard;
  • 'Straight to colors' drawing with markers, laying over masses of pale blue and shades of grey, which I did in a more calm pace (I was also seating this time);
  • And very fast sketches with markers, just trying to capture the proportions and the general shapes of the cars. I found this way interesting to explore more, as I could have added a linear drawing over it.
I have to say that my admiration for Lapin, Florian and Gerard increased a lot - drawing cars is something very, very difficult.

These kids watched me drawing for a long time...

The incredible Cadillac Coupe de Ville

 Abraços do Brasil!


geraldo roberto da silva said...

Muito bom!

lapin said...

this cadillac is so cool - I wich I could sketch some like this in barcelona…

crystolyn said...

the caddy is great!