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November 28, 2012

Bridging Time

Fred Lynch
Sketchers are lucky to be able to make memories through drawing. One of the best days I've ever had sketching was in Spoleto, Italy last July; I'll never forget it. There, my brother and I drew together for the very first time since we were kids. That's surprising, considering we're both artists and are now middle aged. 

Sean P. Lynch
Together we tried to capture the awe we shared for the Ponte delle Torri (Bridge of Towers). The majestic structure, built in 1350, stretches over a deep gorge and was built on top of a Roman aqueduct. The bridge is surprisingly narrow and acts now as a breathtaking scenic walkway for visitors. 

My brother and I found a narrow path which veered off from the bridge's approach road. Scuffling down along the steep bank, we found a perfect perch to look up at the giant structure. There we sketched for ninety minutes or so, in the hot sun. In the end I'm surprised to see how similarly we drew things. We look alike, but must we draw alike?

Then again, I must admit, I did learn something from his drawing after making a number of false starts on mine. Instead of trying to draw the entire bridge, I decided a slice was just as nice.


Marcia Milner-Brage said...

Exciting to see yours and your brother's together. I like how differently you each handled the archway "windows" to the landscape beyond.

VHein said...

Fred, your drawing took my breath away as soon as I saw it. Wonderful, as Marcia says to see the different points of view together, and a good story too.

Flaf said...

lovely studies. you two draw quite alike, but there's differences in the porportions of the windows :)

Diminished Sanity said...

Great pencil work in both instances. I really enjoy doing pencil work. Getting to draw with your brother must have been special. My older brother was and probably still is, a much better artist than myself. But he doesn't draw/paint anymore that I am aware of. You have inspired me to inquire about that and maybe go drawing.

Bajzek said...

Great drawing as usually. I liked the idea of framing part of the view. Perfect range of values.

crystolyn said...

stunning, my mouth fell open at the sepia image...really just amazing quality

Asuka Kagawa said...

I really like both of these sketches. Their both have a hint of nostalgia because of the colours. It's really peaceful.