November 8, 2012

At the window

My Thursday lunchtime spot is often the Jean Talon Market because I have a longish break between classes. I often sit near the window of my favorite café so I can have a firsthand view of the action in the alley behind the market stalls, which is sometimes more exciting than the stalls themselves. This week things are really winding down in the alley, with most of the merchants moving indoors, so today I sat a bit further back and instead watched the people watching the market.


Jim Scheel said...

Nice work. I like the looseness of the sketches.

I often go to the library during lunch and sketch people there.

Thanks for sharing.

RobCarey said...

Love this.

Shari Blaukopf said...

Thanks Jim and Rob!

VHein said...

So interesting to see this sensitive drawing, Shari, I love the mood here, and your mastery in a very different medium!