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November 5, 2012

Årsta partihallar

Årsta partihallar, Stockholm 
 Waiting for an appointment this morning, I took the opportunity to do some drawing from the car in an area of Stockholm where I seldom set foot. Årsta partihallar is a rough busy wholesale area, where store owners get their fruit, fish, drinks and whatnot. Every corner here is inspiring to draw, with worn down buildings full of imperfections. A welcome contrast to the polished streets of the inner city.


Lynne the Pencil said...

I agree - slightly scanky buildings can be so much more interesting than perfect ones!

Benjamin J. Melgares said...

I personally love the run down areas more so then the clean new and modern. I feel more of an established character and atmosphere is present with them.

Great work Nina,
Benjamin j.

Nina Johansson said...

Thanks guys! Yeah, I´ll have to return to this area again, but it may have to wait until warmer times - I hate to draw in the car. Can´t really fit the drawing gear in there...

Shari Blaukopf said...

There's so much more texture in the run down because of all those imperfections. But your rendition is beautiful and I love the way the light standard breaks up that space in the sky. I can relate about drawing in the car Nina. It is getting cold here too and it is depressing me to go back to car drawing.