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November 20, 2012

a day in Oakland

Oakland, CA My dad flew up from Long Beach to surprise my son for his birthday. While they went to the Raiders game on Sunday, my daughter and I went sketching a few blocks from the stadium. I got about half of this sketch done, when a group of police cars arrived to make an arrest right on this spot. We decided it would be best to drive off, so I ended up finishing the drawing later. (kunst-by-rob)


SuperCybermouse said...

Love your Sketches ;-))! Greetings from Switzerland ;-)!

Carmela said...

Hi Rob
Great to have you sketching our Bay area microcosm in your unique style.

VHein said...

Beautiful sketch, Rob--so much atmosphere!

RobCarey said...

Thank you. I do miss my Swiss sketching. :( But the Bay did offer me a hearty welcome, and hopefully many more sketches to come in this part of the world!