November 4, 2012

3 sketches

It has been a while since I’ve showed my sketches. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been drawing, on the contrary. It just happens that instead of drawing for the mere pleasure of it, which I enjoy immensely, I’ve been drawing on request, which allows me a large diversity of themes, and in sense it is also very pleasing. 

One of the many drawings I did during a several days stay in a protect area in Mata do Bussaco, near Coimbra.
  Drawing made to advertise a workshop I’ll be coordinating in this building, Paula Rego Museum, called Casa das Histórias (House of Stories), that was conceived by the arquitect Souto Moura, Pritzker award.
  Drawing made to illustrate an article about a typical neighbourhood of Lisbon, Mouraria, which came out in the daily newspaper Público.


Lynne the Pencil said...

Smashing - I especially like the twisty trees in the top one.

Behzad Bagheri said...

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

BJ said...

Great impression of the Paula Rego Museum. Makes me want to go there. BJ