October 31, 2012

We've been heading for Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucía every fall for years now.

American Airlines flight 94 to Madrid: We're flying free: frequent flyer and really, as I say in the caption, the plane seems impossibly small to fly over the Atlantic. Suffocatingly crowded. We are all together, the miserable ones.
The serenity of Jerez is so welcome after the flight and the 3 trains we took to get here: unwinding from one plaza to the other. This one is Plaza Rafael Rivero. We stop for tapas and fino.

Keeping track of the path of horror-hurricane Sandy across New York and feeling very far away from our home in Brooklyn. Lantern light: raining over Casa Rosaleda in the barrio of Santiago in Jerez.

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TenLayers said...

Tapas and Fino sounds sooo good right now.

Sharon Frost said...

A good refuge!

catalina rigo said...

Binvenidos de nuevo a España, mantenedme informada de vuestra visita, con tus dibujos!!!

matthew_c said...

That bottom sketch is dynamite Sharon! Brilliant patterns and composition!
Your sketches are so consistently interesting, your sketchbooks must be works of art in themselves.