October 29, 2012

walking around Jeong-dong, Seoul

The Anglican Church of Korea located at Jeong-dong across Seoul City Hall is a tangible cultural property of city. So the repairing of the roof is undergoing by the support of Seoul city.

I stopped to draw the shiny wall by morning sunlight at Gwanghwamun.

I sketched this one on Aug 13 this year. The scene was seen from the entrance step of Hanwha Finance Plaza, Taepyungro street.

Yesterday still was undergoing the subway station.The truck left before I finished. I sketched this one sitting on big bollard enough to sit opposite of the above place. 

Deoksugung (Palace) locates across the city hall being surrounded by many business building and historical buildings. And it's very loved by people to walk along the wall of the palace under the coloured trees at Autumn especially. 

pen, pencil, watercolor, sepia conte in holder, 27 x 18 cm
The dark parasols on rooftop of the entrance gate of Jeongdong Theater caught me. I did this one on big bollard too. When I don't have enough time to sketch I visit Jeong-dong because there are so many objects around city hall, palace, historical churches, high buildings, and above all people.

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