October 24, 2012

The final of the season

Last week-end, we had the last sunny days of late summer, we call it the "golden october". I went out of a walk around the neighbourhood and hoped to find a car or so to draw, as I have often done it in the past. Then, I couldn't believe what I saw!

Location Urraco

A Lamborghini Urraco from the early 1970s, in a perfect condition. I took the chance to draw this rare supercar, designed by Bertone. Only 674 were built, so I did what I could do and drew different views.


Now, it's already beginning to get cold outside, everybody seems to have put their vintage cars into the garage for winter sleep. I'll wait for the next season!

by Florian Afflerbach


Lynn Cohen said...

Super cool...excellent job!!

Pedro said...

Finish the hunting season...
Excellent capture!