October 16, 2012

Drawing Attention: Sketching News of Note

Welcome New USK Communities

Urban Sketchers Kuching is a new group in East Malaysia. Group leader Peggy Wong explains: “Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, a state on the Borneo island of Malaysia. Our history and heritage (tangible & intangible) is much different from the rest of Malaysia. Sarawak was under the Brooke family reign for 100 years until World War II. This time left an architectural legacy which is quickly being swallowed whole by modernization and globalization. We began taking measured drawings and quick sketches of these buildings before they were demolished. Documenting vanishing structures became one of the driving forces of our little group.”

Urban Sketchers Switzerland is the reincarnation of the original Basel Urban Sketchers blog started by Rob Carey. USK Switzerland is born thanks to the initiative of André Sandman, who wrote months ago to let us know about the growing community of Swiss sketchers and the need for their own blog.

New York City Urban Sketchers have formed a flickr group, Urban Sketchers NYC where they are posting sketches and photos from their frequent sketch meet-ups.  (photo on right by flickr user joantav1)

Two Continents Meet to Sketch
Last month, Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo (Three Cultures Foundation) and Urban Sketchers Spain organized an exchange project between Andalusian and Moroccan artists called Cronistas de las dos Orillas (Chroniclers From Both Sides).

The sketchers crossed the Strait of Gilbralter twice, meeting and sketching together first in Cadiz, Spain and then in Asilah, Morocco. Seville, Spain USK Correspondent Inma Serrano reported on the initiative here in her blog (and did the sketch below).

Sketchers in the News

Congratulations to London USK Correspondent James Hobbs for his great article (photo right) in the the Summer issue of Artists and Illustrators Magazine.

Te quiero Barcelona (I love Barcelona) is a 5.5 minute video by Clone Magazine featuring Barcelona USK Correspondent Lapin.


Industrial Designer and Urban Sketcher Mike Daikubara recently completed his third book called Egypt Sketch Mike Sketch. All the sketches in the book were captured during a nine-day trip to Egypt. Stacy Fiorentinos, President of Classic Escapes, said of the book:  " As you progress through the sketch book, you will feel as if you were with Mike on his journey. Through his keen observations, he is able to recreate almost all aspects of his journey - diagrams of his hotel room, the layout of the cruise ship and the sketches of some of Egypt's greatest archaeological wonders - and bring to readers at home a rare and magical experience."  You can preview the book here.


Work by a number of USK Correspondents - Inma Serrano (Seville), Miguel Herranz (Barcelona), Lapin (Barcelona), Luis Ruiz (Malaga), Benedetta Dossi (Rome), Simo Capecchi (Naples), Swansky (Barcellona) and many sketchers from Urban Sketchers Italy was featured in the show during the 2nd edition of the travel book festival Matite in Viaggio 2012 in Mestre, Italy earlier this month.

Do you have urban sketching news to share in Drawing Attention?  Please send fully written items with links (and graphics, if possible) to: drawingattention at urbansketchers dot org

Until next month... happy sketching,
Lisbeth Cort, member of Whidbey Island Sketchers
drawingattention at urbansketchers dot org


Murray Dewhurst said...

Starting the day with one of your 'Drawing Attention' posts packed with sketch news is really inspiring. Thanks Lisbeth!

Lisbeth Cort said...

Awe! Thanks so much Murray! Glad you enjoy these posts.