October 31, 2012

Cold weather

Autumn is well advanced in Denmark, and I am not doing much outdoor sketching anymore. The occasional scribble while waiting for my bus home from work is more or less the extent of urban sketching I am getting done, and for that my little pocket sketchbook comes in handy.

Here are a few sketches of fellow commuters waiting at the stop:

bus stop

bus stop

I sometimes walk down the street to the previous stop and wait there - here is a sketch looking back up Klosterport from the bus stop next to the department store Magasin:

looking up klosterport

My brush pen was running out of ink, but still a very nice tool for quick sketching even in a small sketchbook. Do you have any favourite tools for quick sketches on the go?


Rodrigo Santos said...

I loved specially the first one! I think the results wouldn't be so good if you had plenty of ink in your pen... I usually carry with me a pocket sketchbook with a Bic pen, and a Tom Bow brush pen for shading (N75, cool gray). They're great working together!

Marcia Milner-Brage said...

These inspire me to go for my brushpen more often.

sooper8 said...

Love these. The first one goes to prove that simple is often hard to pull off, and that does it!

Marina Grechanik said...

Ea, I really love your quick ink sketches! I think, I mostly use fountain pen or graphite pencil for quickies. Your sketches make me want to put the brush pen to my bag.