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October 29, 2012

citroën 2cv

as flaf last week in munich, I enjoy the last warm days in barcelona sketching cars.
and parked in front of my building, not a lamborghini urraco, but a more commune citroën 2cv of the late 70's : I always enjoy sketching this icon of french design.
citroën 2cv

citroën 2cv
if it stays parked here in the next days, who know if I would not try an other point of view…

blogged by lapin


RobCarey said...

fabulous, of course!

shiembcn said...

Que pasada Lapin, estan tremendos.

Teresa Giménez Pous said...

Maravilloso. Te ha quedado de alucine. Que recuerdos, mi primer coche, solo que de color naranja.

Rod MacGregor said...

The amazing perspective seems suited to the citroen!

lapin said...

thanks dudes!

Inna said...

This is great! My Dutch uncle owns a car like this ... we call it the Ugly Duckling. :)
I rode in it once when we visited Holland; it was super rattly and noisy and bouncy, and super fun!

catalina rigo said...

No se te acaban nunca estos cuadernos!!! La perspectiva como es propio en ti es genial.