September 27, 2012

Palazzo Donn'Anna

Palazzo Donn'Anna

Palazzo Donn'Anna is one of my favourite places of Naples, I posted here a view of the opposite side. Unfinished building from 17th century, is partly carved on a tufo rock and it is surrounded by the sea. The interiors with its grottos and a theatre are even more interesting, complicated spaces that I'm trying to sketch recently.


From palazzo Donn'Anna I love to take a kayak and descover Posillipo's coast, with all tufo grottos, private beaches and villas of different styles. This one, with a chinese pagoda, is of 19th century.


matthew_c said...

That's a amazing, a castle right on the sea like that.
Looks like a beautiful coastline.
I really like the pagoda too.

kumi matsukawa said...

So fascinating!

Bajzek said...

Love both of them... I like your soft and delicate paitings! ;)
Great...the second one is particularly beautiful, with this rock texture.

Ugo Capeto said...

love the faint line work on the 1st one. really nice.

Schizzinosa said...

Thanks. I did the second one in 10 minutes from a boat, and it is probably better than the big and "slow" one!