September 13, 2012

A Highline Sketch for the Ackland Show

Regular readers of the Urban Sketchers blog will have noticed how popular The Highline is with sketchers in New York City. Indeed, it's popular with anyone with good taste in NYC, as it's a wonderful place.

I did this sketch there early in the summer as my contribution to the Ackland Museum Urban Sketching group show (still up til October 6!).

From The Highline for USk Ackland Museum Store Exhibit

I've been using pencil a lot these past few months, after years of mostly avoiding the medium. I think this is one of the first of that recent trend in my work.

(This sketch is an interesting contrast to my Highline sketch from November 2009 ... that one is all about people, in the cold, with evening light and heavy brushstrokes.)

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