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August 20, 2012

sketch the varsity, cure the blues

sketching 2nd street

A couple of weekends ago I was itching to get out and sketch, and really needed to draw a panorama. So I took the Moleskine, cycled to a familiar spot on 2nd Street, Davis, and stood on a concrete bench sketching the scene. I had to stand up high to look over parked cars. The Varsity Theatre has been a landmark of Davis since the 50s, having several roles before reopening in 2006 as an art-house theatre. It's a popular spot in the very heart of downtown, with the relocated Mishka's cafe next door and the new UC Davis store on the other side. I am still waiting for the holographic shark to come tearing out of the roof. I sketched in the lovely brown uni-ball signo pen I like so much, and by the end I felt far more relaxed than I did before I started. Going out and doing a drawing is like recharging your battery. 

varsity theatre, davis


Vicki Holdwick said...

Really love this one, Pete,


John Wright said...

Inspirational Pete. I like double pagers too - gotta get out and lay down some ink!

marctaro said...

Awesome! That's the most memorable scene from Davis! Really brings the place back for me!

marctaro said...

Wow! I need to chill out on the exclamation points!

Lynn said...

So well done. Love seeing scenes I have driven by many times. Wow. Great detail.

Suhita said...

very inspiring post, Pete.. I read this yesterday, packed up work a half hour early and did a quick sketch before picking the kids up from school. It was EXACTLY what I needed!

matthew_c said...

Cinema marquees are always a visual treat.