August 27, 2012

Santo Domingo #13

Some of the colleagues, mates, friends, companions, comrades and fellow sketchers of any kind met in Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo #13.6
Veronica Lawlor
Liz Steel

Santo Domingo #13.5

Santo Domingo #13.4
Stu Goldman

Santo Domingo #13.3
James Richards
Tomás Soria

Santo Domingo #13.2
Kalina Wilson
BJ Boulter
Jorge Royán
Ricardo Benaim
Irena Kosniewska

Santo Domingo #13.1
Marc Taro Holmes
Jason Das
Natali Ovalles
Daniel Green
Lynn Reynolds
Peng Hui Lee
Melanie Reim
Inma Serrano


Marina Grechanik said...

what a great portrait collection! they all so recognizable and funny! My favorite is Liz ;-)

RobCarey said...

fabulous pages!

Miguel Herranz said...

Thank you, Marina and Rob!

Lynne the Pencil said...

These are just wonderful Miguel - you captured them all perfectly!

Bajzek said...

Great portraits!

Liz Steel said...

these are all so wonderful - you capture a likeness with so few lines. Thank you for the sketch of me!

Miguel Herranz said...

Thank you so much Lynne, Liz and Eduardo!

Fernanda Lamelas said...

fantastic drawings!

Miguel Herranz said...

Muito obrigado, Fernanda!

Miguel Herranz said...

Muito obrigado, Fernanda!

memi said...

Your likenesses are just wonderful- playful and spot-on! Thank you for including me!

Clara Mayeline said...


Miguel Herranz said...

Thank you Melanie! Gracias, Clara!

Veronica Lawlor said...

Nice series of portraits, and thanks for the one of me. You really got my body language...

Isabel said...

tus retratos cada vez mejores me encanto verlos y reconocer la gente.

Miguel Herranz said...

Thank you Veronica!
Obrigado, Isabel!