August 20, 2012

A week in New York

D14_TH19_09 Skyline near Madison Square Garden

I am very fortunate to be able to spend a week sketching in New York directly after the symposium... and wow! what a week I had. I can't put adequately into words a description of the fun that I had...but I hope it comes through my sketches.

I spent a week in New York in 2010 as part of my big trip, and although I knew that I had a great time, as it was sandwiched between the Portland symposium and a month in UK and then onto to Italy, I had trouble trying to re-live that part of the trip. This visit, having already sketched many of the tourists must-sees, I was able to explore the city more as a local and I really got the feel for the place ...and the pace of the city got in my system and my sketching hand! I sketched more normal scenes like the classic skyline

NYD5 04 Highline Urban sketchers 2

Although I was doing a lot of sketching, the highlight was the people that I met- I caught up with 13 fellow artists in 5 days including Shirley Levine(who did a wonderful job showing me around last time) France Belleville, Danny Gregory, Anne Watkins - what a privliedge to meet these inspirational artists! I also meet up with some USkers who were at the symposium - so it was like a little reunion. Richard Alomar, Jason Das, Denise, Mark, and Veronica Lawlor (but sadly missed Melanie!) and a few others on the way! It was great to be at the first gathering of USKers in NYC - a group that is meeting every week now! Here is a photo of the gang sketching on the highline.

D15_FR20_05 Radiance Tea House Morning Tea

The symposium was great training for this non stop sketching, talking, being inspired by others and although I didn't feel like I had the chance during this week to implement anything that I picked up in Santo Domingo- the creative buzz certainly kept me going. I did however have a few moments of chill... in that I found two great tearooms.(Sorry, I just had to include this sketch - I spent 3 hours at Radiance Tea House, the only time on the whole trip when I did a little relaxing- along with 3 spreads in my sketchbook!!)

D15_FR20_11 the Dorliton

I also found a wonderful over-the-top apartment building to sketch (and conveniently, a cafe just opposite)
D15_FR20_12 Times Square in the rain

and in my crazy - go for it mood - sketched Times Square on a wet Friday night.

And as usual here is the whole book in an Issue version Trip 2012 Volume 3 NYC
and as a single image!


Fly said...

Thanks a lot for this post. Love to see all your NY Diary. It's great!

Marina Grechanik said...

you're super-woman! what a journey, what a report!

Liz Steel said...

thank you fly and marina... I just can't help it...NYC got me excited and I couldn't stop sketching!

VHein said...

Great sketches, and how wonderful you got to meet so many fellow artists in NYC! I love the energy in you Times Square drawing especially!

Miguel Herranz said...

Soo jealous, I wanted to be there with you!

memi said...

What great energy, Liz- OK! I am going to have to meet you in Australia now~:)

Shari Blaukopf said...

They are all great Liz but the one from Times Square is the best. An explosion of colour and energy!!

Teresa Giménez Pous said...

Enjoy all your work. I'ts fantastic.

Liz Steel said...

thank you all - yes Virgina and Shari- the Times Square one is my favourite sketch of the visit!

Liz Steel said...

hey Miguel - you would have not been able to do your calm sketches if you have been in NYC with me!!!! looking forward to the day when I can get to Barcelona!!!

Liz Steel said...

Hey- Melanie... please come to Australia!!!!!

Inna said...

Wow. The last single image really gives a great impression! Looooove your style!