May 23, 2012

Urban sketching in Naples

palazzo Marigliano

drupe della palma

Today I was at Riot in Palazzo Marigliano to get things ready fot the first Urban Sketchers Workshop that starts tomorrw with me, Caroline Peyron e Laura Scarpa. I couldn't resist to draw in the garden and I noticed this incredible color of palm fruits - impossible to reproduce. On Sunday we'll have an open Portrait Party in this garden, at the end of workshop. Hopefully the seed of sketching will have its fruits in Naples too.

Riot Studio

Among participants we'll have professionists and beginners, architects, illustrators, photographers, students, medicians, coming from Liverpool, London, Jena, Singapore, Taiwan, Barcelona, Milan, Rimini and Naples... it seems that we are going to have fun!
Local newspaper translated officially Urban Sketchers in "Disegnatori Urbani": il Mattino di Napoli.


I need orange said...

I love the way you photographed the real items on top of your drawing! What a good idea!!! :-)

VHein said...

I'm sure your workshop will be a fantastic success...and great fun!

VHein said...
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