April 18, 2012

fiori no longer in kiosk

fiori_180402 the flowershop 'fiori' moved, only a few meters, out of this kiosk at berlin sophie-charlotte-platz in a 'proper' shop.

 liked it here, in this 19th century thing that is everything but 'originally restored'. authentic.

 i sketched it last may, when it was still i service.

 fiori, sophie charlotte platz


Marina Grechanik said...

wonderful, Rolf! I think I can recognize this place. Now, after I visited Berlin, I can enjoy your sketches even more!

olkazavr said...

what a nice sketches Rolf!

Murray Dewhurst said...

3 great posts from Berlin in a row! Can't wait to visit and sketch myself in September.

Rolf Schröter said...

thanks a lot, marina, olga and murray!

notify when you are here, murray!

matthew_c said...