April 18, 2012

"Ermidas do Sado"

Ermidas do Sado is a small village in in the heart of Alentejo (Portugal) that probably none of you have ever heard about or will ever visit. A friend´s family lives there and it´s where I spent Easter weekend to get to know them. Above is Mrs Lurdes (my friend´s mother) front porch view . We arrived right on time for saturday´s lunch and a home made jantarinho alentejano, a typical local delicacy, was waiting for us :) After which, while some slept a nap, others stayed chit-chatting seated under the porch shade just wasting time... I chose the second option and took advantage of it to draw on my sketchbook :) It took me nearly an hour, but even the clouds seemed to have stopped, allowing me to draw them ...

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