April 19, 2012

Belin has it all!

I've back from my short visit at Berlin totally overwhelmed and charmed by its colorful streets full of surprises! Loved this city at first site and definitely will come back one day!I've already posted some sketches on my blog, started from airport, which is always fun:

here are some more.

I met in Berlin fellows urban sketches Omar and
sketching Oberbaumbrucke at so nice company!
sculptures at Alexanderplatz
Berlin bikes
Russian restaurant Gorki Park with yummy borscht
Mirchi - Singapore restaurant


memi said...

Wonderful drawings!! Love the characters and the spreads!

kane said...

damn good.

helen said...

Very nice images - does seem like a wonderful place.

Isabel said...

Wow your sketches are looking really good, love them.

James Hobbs said...

Your work is just so good - it oozes that you had a good time.

Judith Dollar said...

I always enjoy your sketches - so lively and a sense of place. Thanks for sharing.

nan said...

I adore the use of the red and the blue...You remind me now that I have finished one, I need to begin a new sketchbook!

Cathy Gatland said...

Wonderful sketches and how great to meet up with Omar and Catalina to draw with!

Marina Grechanik said...

Thanks a lot to you all!
yes, it's real fun meeting urban sketchers and sketching together!