March 16, 2012

Sketchwalk in Naples 2

vico Canale ai Cristallini

Last week I guided a collective sketchwalk in Naples I talked about it here. More than 40 people spent a nice morning drawing, walking and exploring ancient caves and houses up in the Capodimonte's hill.
The tour started in a narrow street where Thomas Jones lived and painted in 1782. Waiting for the rain, all balconies were covered with this blue and green plastic sheets, like sails under the wind.

grotta dei Tronari

Among participants, many neapolitans had never seen these impressive caves that go under the hill for maybe 50 meters. Some people were drawing, others were too shy to show their sketchbooks - Japaneses donated by Moleskine to support my friends of Nomicosecittà project.

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kane said...

Your work is perfect.