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March 3, 2012

cars in california

blue pontiac firebird
red fiat in davis
yellow smartcar in north beach
chevy convertible in north beach
I didn't really draw cars before Urban Sketchers. I'm not a car person, they all kinda looked the same to me. I would do what I can to avoid them in my urban sketches. Now though, after being so inspired for these past few years, I sketch them whenever I can; well, the more interesting ones anyway, not that I see too many of those, and when I do, they're usually driving past me. Lately though I've been making the time to sketch the ones I see parked, so here are a few fro the streets of Davis and San Francisco. Top: a blue Pontiac Firebird, spotted on 2nd Street in Davis, complete with furry dice, nice. Secondly, a classic bright red Fiat, which I sketched on 3rd Street in Davis. Thirdly, a zippy yellow Smart Car, perched on the sloping Union Street in North Beach, San Francisco, adding to the Italian flavour of the area. Finally, a real Americana classic Chevy convertible, also in San Francisco, on Columbus. The owners of this car came back while I was mid-sketch, and were good enough to wait while I finished. Everyone who passed the car stopped to admire it, and the owners even offered to let one guy get in and sit in the driver's seat while his wife took a photo. They were nice folks.


Sonya said...

Old trucks are a favorite of mine. Looks like the cars are growing on you. Best wishes.

Marcia said...

Being a full time pedestrian, i feel cars are so improved by great drawing. I wish everything that went by me honking and stinking was sketchy.

Do you take requests? I would like you to find/sketch a Riley One Point Five. Thank you in advance.

Isabel said...

looking good those cars.

VHein said...

Great sketches, Pete--each has so much character--so much a part of California life!

Balaji said...

Your car sketches are so good, I am amazed to learn that this is only a recent passion.

Gina said...

I'm not interested in cars myself, but you're so good you could paint any boring old thing and it would be art!

daydream dragging feet said...

These are great!

rob carey said...

All are great, Pete- love the Fiat.

Shiho Nakaza said...

Great sketches, Pete! I love how you train your artist's eye to elevate something that is so commonplace in California.